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Candy Crush Saga – Why This Free Game so Addicted

(Editor:CultureMob Editor 4/21/2014)
Once you have crossed the first few tutorial levels on Candy Crush Saga downloaded from 9Game, and begin stumbling around on your own, you will realize how much you are enjoying the game.
Call it addiction or pure whiling away of time, the fact is that Candy Crush Saga is a game that hasn’t left many untouched. Once you clear the tricky jelly levels, there is absolutely no stopping you. So, the valid question to ask here is: why is the game so addictive? Here are some of the reasons why.
The Game is Portable
If you started playing Candy Crush Saga on your Facebook page, the good news is that you can shift the game to your smartphone. You will not lose your progress and will still be going strong. Since your smartphone is with you always, it means that the game is with you wherever you are. So whether you are waiting for your movie tickets in a line or sitting outside the doctor’s clinic or stuck in a traffic jam; all you have to do is to whip out your phone and start playing. Your progress is also saved, so you can pick up the game right from where you left it when you were playing the last time. This saves you a lot of time and lets you kill that waiting time with something that you find interesting and entertaining.
The Game Offers Short Enjoyable Experiences
Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit has recently found that games that offer short, enjoyable experiences are more likely to have you addicted. Recall the craze for Flappy Bird – a game that has nothing to its credit other than its enjoyable and simple game-play. Candy Crush Saga’s success lies in its simplicity and high quality graphics. The game is simple enough for you to clear a level in not more than 3 to 4 minutes at a time. So every 3 to 4 minutes, when you clear a level, you have a feeling of success. You immediately get rewarded for the little time you spend on the game and that makes you yearn for more.
The Social Factor
Candy Crush Saga, like so many other games in its generation, is not a standalone game. When you play it, you get the scores of all your Facebook friends to compete and compare with. When you beat a friend’s score, you are congratulated and offered a chance to brag on your social network. This is a greater pull than many would recognize. It gives you an opportunity to show your friends that you are better than them – even if in a friendly way. That is certainly something worth exploring. The developers of the game have very smartly integrated Facebook with the gaming account so that you see which of your friends have the top three scores on every level. Once you see who’s at the top, you automatically have the urge to score higher and beat the scores set by your friends.

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