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Candy Crush Cheats & Tips: beating the candy order levels

(Editor:George Sanders 4/21/2014)
Being one of the most addictive casual puzzle games on the mobile market, Candy Crush Saga is a huge hit with everyone, despite its colorful, a tad childish, visuals. Featuring a wide variety of levels with different difficulty and goals, the game offers endless hours of fun that is often mixed with frustration. Being marked as the hardest levels by our audience, in 9Game's latest Candy Crush Cheats & Tips guide we decided to share with you a few tricks to help you easily beat the Candy Order levels in the game.
What are the Candy Order Levels?
Most people think of the Candy Order Levels in Candy Crush Saga as one of the most difficult ones, basically because they feature two main objectives. Making you clear a certain amount of candies in a limited amount of moves, these levels could be really helpful for achieving an amazing high-score as if completed in less moves than presented, the moves you have left will become striped candies that will be activated during Sugar Crush.
Make sure to always start with the higher number
As the difficulty of the Candy Order Levels progresses you might end up begging for a way to use a Candy Crush Cheat in order to easily pass the level. However, if you start with the candies that you need to take a higher amount of, you will see that you will fairly easy beat the level. For example if you need to take out 120 bule and only 30 green, if you start with the blue you will find out that the cascading candies will quickly get you rid off the 30 green candies you need.
The Special Candies are always Helpful
As with any other level in Candy Crush Saga, when you get your hands on the special candies make sure to use them in the best way possible in order to beat the level. A powerful combination when it comes to the Candy Order Levels is the use of a color bomb and striped candy at the same time, which will clear the board of multiple candy colors at once.
Have Fun!
Always make sure to have fun and not frustrate yourself over, as when you are enjoying the game it will seem easier and you will move faster through the levels. The candy order levels may seem hard to beat at first, but once you get used with them you will see that they are probably the easiest levels in the game.

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