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Have you downloaded Candy Crush Saga at 9game? These Candy Crush Saga cheats, tips, and hints will help you pass every level in the game! 

One of the hottest casual games called Candy Crush is provided by 9game.Candy Crush Saga isn't your usual match-3 style puzzle game. While the objective is very similar to other match-3 games, it compels players to think before they start matching delicious candies.

    Eliminate complicated or dangerous candies from the board first. There are some tiles, like bombs or chocolate, which should always be eliminated first if they exist on the board these will inhibit your progress or cause you to lose. Bombs end the game is not eliminated in the move limit specified on their face, while chocolate will multiply if not destroyed.
    Pay attention to the edges of the game board. You will have many levels where the game board is not a perfect rectangle, or includes a number of gaps in the board. You will need to plan around these gaps and they can make it incredibly difficult to make paired sets.
    Reshuffle the board if it looks too challenging. Once you become better acquainted with the game, you will be able to tell when a game board will be too difficult to complete. You can reshuffle the board using boosters or by exiting the game before you do any moves.
    Get your friends to play the game. The best strategy to progress in the game is to get your friends to play. It is a social game and there will be a variety of benefits to having your friends play. Friends can give you boosters, the tickets needed to progress through the levels, as well as a variety of other benefits.
    Largely ignore the suggestions the game makes. The game will make move suggestions if you idle for too long. These suggestions are random and it will usually be in your best interest to ignore them. If you don’t have a time limit, take the time to find out if there is a better move available. If you are only trying to increase points before a time limit runs out, take the game’s suggestion.

    You can try and combine special candies to create amazingly delicious effects.

    • Combine the candy wrap with the special chocolate ball.
    • Combine the striped candy with the special chocolate ball.

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