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Candy Crush Saga Tips: How to get higher scores

(Editor:Sophia 4/3/2015)
One of the hottest casual games called Candy Crush Saga is provided by 9game. If you want to get higher scores to beat your friends in Candy Crush Saga, there are some strategies and tricks that can help you up your game.

Candy Crush Saga is a game developed by that invites you to a wide variety of match-3 challenges.If you like this type of game, don't miss to get anymore. Rather than the endless fast-paced rush you might find in games like Bejeweled or Collapse, Candy Crush Saga embraces the thinking man's style of match-3 play. Presented with a fixed board, players will be given a variety of puzzling objectives as they work their way through the 65 levels available at launch, slowly thinking about their next move and how it's going to affect their overall goals.

Tips, cheats & Strategies

1. In levels that task you to remove all jellies, target those candies that are covered with jellies or are close to the jelly-filled candy. This way you will be able to remove most jelly-filled spaces in a few moves.

2.There aren’t enough moves to rescue all the bears without special candy combos. If you can’t free the coloring candy at the bottom you will need to make color bombs or coloring candies elsewhere on the board.

3.Like other Saga games, Candy Crush Saga also has plenty of boosters. These "power-ups" help you achieve your objectives much quicker. There are different types of boosters, such as Extra Moves, Jelly Fish and Lollipop Hammer. Once you unlock any of them, it will show at the top-right corner of the screen. You will have to use them before starting a level.

4.In our experience you have to set up a combo once you free the trapped coloring candy or else it won’t do enough damage. In some cases if you can’t make a combo you might be able to use it to create another bomb by painting the right color.
5.Color bomb combos and coloring candy combos will always take out a lot of honey no matter which other special you match them with.-As you work down make matches that will open up the middle especially on the sides of the board. This will give you more options to choose from.

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