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Candy Crush Saga: Level 341 Cheats and Tips

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Candy Crush Saga:  Level 341 Cheats and Tips

9game proivdes you with a funny casual game called Candy Crush Saga, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to give you some tips which can help you pass the Level 305 in this game. If you a looking for more casual game, please click here

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Getting six colour bombs is no easy task, but a narrow layout and only four types of candy in play works to your advantage. You’re obviously looking to make colour bombs vertically, so look to pair up two candies on top and two candies on bottom, then swap one in from the side. Make each colour bomb count: use it to take out the colour that is blocking other potential 5 candy matches, and you should be left with another colour-bomb or a colour bomb making pattern after each explosion. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to make a colour bomb and colour bomb combo in the first column, it will clear the marmalade from the colour bombs on the right, and you’ll be able to use those, too, leaving you with just one to get.Download Candy Crush Saga via 9game.

There are marmalade coated colour bombs at the bottom of the second column, but you do not need to reach these to complete the level – it is more than possible to make six colour bombs before you crush through to the bottom of the board

In Candy Crush Saga level 341 you need to fulfill the order and score 10,000 points.

The board has three parts. The left hand part with twelve colored candies and fifteen double-layered meringues below. There is a portal to the far side section which has three blank rows then fifteen double layered meringues and at the bottom three color bombs covered with marmalade. In the middle there is a column of licorice swirls which come from a licorice maker.

You need to start level 341 by clearing the blockers and then some candies will fall through the portal to the opposite section and you can clear down to get the color bombs at the bottom. However, you need six color bombs in total and so you will need to look for opportunities to make them as well. You will have more chance of this as you remove the blockers and make more space. Vertical striped candies and wrapped candies are also useful for removing the blockers but horizontal stripes less so as they cannot get through the licorice layer in the middle. There is luck on the level, but make sure that you take advantage of color bombs that you do get by removing a color that will give the opportunity to make more color bombs, if you can.

Starting with extra moves would be helpful and with a color bomb could help as well. However, as there is so much luck on level 341, it may not be worth choosing to use boosters as you are more than likely to end up wasting them unless you use them in play if you are very close to winning.

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