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Candy Crush Sage: Level 347 Cheats and Tips

(Editor:Nemo 8/23/2015)

Candy Crush Sage: Level 347 Cheats and Tips

9game proivdes you with a funny casual game called Candy Crush Saga, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to give you some tips which can help you pass the Level 305 in this game. If you a looking for more casual game, please click here

Making wrapped candy is difficult enough, without the added complication of matching it with a colour bomb. The meringues in the middle make the screen you’re playing with a little small, but they are also protecting you from the chocolate fountain, so use your discretion before deciding whether to remove them or not.

Colour bombs are pretty much impossible to move horizontally, although they can be dropped vertically. You can move wrapped candy around the screen the same way you move ingredients though, provided you don’t match it with like-coloured candy and detonate it (see our tips page).

Indeed, your biggest problem on this level may well become not detonating the special candies until you’ve got them in the right place – be careful not to be lured by the flashing hints and accidentally set off a colour bomb, which would set you back to the beginning!Download Candy Crush Saga via 9game.

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This level takes a lot of patience and planning, but it can be done. As you grow more accustomed to moving wrapped candy around, you’ll finally crush your way through this level.


The requirement now is to get 10 wrapped candy and two colour bombs. It’s “softer twin level” (level 208) was also changed. This is equally as difficult as the original level and still a pain in the butt. Use the colour bombs to reduce the amount of candy on the screen and leave you more opportunities to make wrapped candy. Eventually, you’ll get it – but it isn’t easy by any means.

In Candy Crush Saga level 347 you need to collect the orders and score 10,000 points to complete the level.

The orders to collect on level 347 are 10 wrapped candies and two color bombs in 50 moves. The wrapped candies are harder to make so concentrate on these. There is a chocolate maker at the bottom of the board but blocked in with meringue. It can be difficult to know whether to unblock it and reveal more of the board to give you more room to make matches or to leave it blocked in so that the chocolate does not come out. It will get unblocked eventually anyway but it can get in the way and there is the risk that it will grow over your color bombs or wrapped candies that you have not yet activated.

Do not make striped candies on level 347 unless you cannot help it because they will get in the way, eliminating candies that you may be trying to set up to make a special candy that you do need. Use your color bombs wisely. Matching them with a wrapped candy will take out two colors of candies and should really help you to make more color bombs or wrapped candies.

Boosters may not be that helpful as you will not know whether you will have a lucky level or not. Starting with a color bomb and wrapped and striped candy or even a lucky candy could be helpful but you should be able to make them yourself. The bubble gum troll is probably the most useful booster for the level.

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