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Candy Crush Sage: Level 348 Cheats and Tips

(Editor:Nemo 8/23/2015)

Candy Crush Sage: Level 348 Cheats and Tips

9game proivdes you with a funny casual game called Candy Crush Saga, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to give you some tips which can help you pass the Level 305 in this game. If you a looking for more casual game, please click here

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Did you spot the time bomb in the bottom middle center? Better deal with that first – you only have ten moves to diffuse it. Then work on clearing the three meringues underneath the ingredient, and use basic ingredient swapping strategy (on our tips and hints page) to get it into a clear column.

Alternatively, you could try hammering away at the two columns of meringues, but it’ll be touch and go whether you make it through that way, despite having 50 moves. If you manage to get the meringues down to one-hit, a vertical striped candy will take the ingredient with it, but getting vertical stripes into outer columns can be difficult, as we already know!Download Candy Crush Saga via 9game.

Candy Crush level 348 is located in the Pearly White Plains episode of Candy Crush Saga. This level can be beaten by bringing two ingredients down and scoring at least 20,000 points. This level contains a whole column of meringues on the entire left and right side of the board. There is also a candy bomb surrounded by meringues at the bottom of the board.

Your first priority on level 348 is clearing the bomb at the bottom. It only has 10 moves on it so you must clear it as fast as possible. For some people, this is the hardest part of the level. If you can clear this bomb before it explodes its likely that you will beat level 348.

Once you clear this bomb successfully, you now need to work on clear the double meringues on the left and right side. To be able to bring down the ingredients you will have to either clear the whole column and let the ingredients fall or clear some of the column and make a switch with the ingredient and a candy on the side. Then you can bring the ingredient down without going through the meringues on the side. Both ways will work if you are skilled enough.

Another great tip for this level is the shuffle tip. Check out the board when you start and if there are no moves around the bottom meringue then do the shuffle trick until you get a move that will crush the meringue. Just keep re-shuffling until you get the board you want. 

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