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(Editor:sally 1/14/2015)

What is the most popular game on Facebook recently? The answer is a casual game called Candy Crush Saga , a combination of matching game and puzzle game for Android. It is easy to handle, featuring an intuitive and friendly interface. You can find it at 9game.

To play Candy Crush Saga, just line up three identical candies (horizontally or vertically) to make them disappear and accumulate scores. Combinations are variables and the player can store more than 3 candies, which will enable him to earn extra bonus.

When the player is able to perform combos (when several lines of candies disappear), it gets bonus while accumulating points. It also introduces new kinds of candy such as the candy chameleon which can be transformed into another candy. In this new version, you can count on more than 335 levels.

The level of difficulty increases gradually as you progress through the game and ditto for surprises. It is featured with an option to share the score via social networks. This option allows the player to keep informed about the latest news about the game. 

There are no real cheat codes for this game. Thebest way to raise your score is to make combinations. The more candies you stack, the greater the bonus. By disposing of candy located at the bottom and along borders, you will maximize your chances of victory. You can bypass the limitations on the number of lives granted by the game, by changing the clock on your smartphone.If you are struggling to pass a level, simply type"Candy Crush level XX" on Youtube!

Now download this game at 9game, and enjoy it with your friends!

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